Green Crafting


Craft stock
Craft Stock

Sometimes things just pop into your head and you are not quite sure if you were awake or sleeping when the words came. This happened to me during the early hours of this morning.

Green Crafting”

It’s what I do now! It seemed a bit of a revelation at the time. This is because I became aware I had been struggling with a description of the things I am enjoying doing now and how to describe it.

Green crafting is not just crafting and not true up-cycling, but a combination of both.

I am using crafting techniques and skills (many still to be learned) to utilise a sizable quantity of ex stock from my business which I sold last year to: Arran Studio Shop

My business was Arran Reflections handcrafted scented candles and cards for all occasions. Quite soon into the business, my online sales of wedding candles took off and I stopped card making. I just didn’t have the time. I also had to reduce local sales to just Christmas ranges. I loved the bespoke online service I offered, especially to couples. The colour and design service was sometimes very challenging, but also very rewarding. It was a privilege to play a small part in people’s big day.

Why am I telling you all this? Because in order to offer this bespoke service I needed an abundance of accessories, card and paper stock and packaging. The new owners of Arran Reflections are naturally evolving the business, not making wedding candles, so I have candle stock!  As I delve into far corners of my workshop I have “finds” all sorts of crafters delights.Ready to Craft

It was with this in mind (and workshop) that   All About Us and crafting came about. My plan is to clear the workshop through crafting. I am very strict with myself, I have only purchased essentials like adhesives and perhaps just a little fabric for pure indulgence!  I will up-cycle boxes, make cards and craft with up-cycling. Hours of you tube tutorials are a great way of finding new techniques to try, some are considerably better than others, but you get there eventually.

So this is why I have decided I am a green crafter. All these components exist, I can up-cycle using them, I can craft with them.  This is not true up-cycling, and not just crafting, it really is Green Crafting by preventing any of this going to landfill or even recycling, recycling uses a huge amount of energy so reusing is always preferable.

So what am I going to do with the things I make?   Well Lynne who is a true crafter, is crafting too, and coming along to share a table at our local craft markets held from Easter and hosted by Crafts and Co

We have planned a year of crafting and are busy making goodies for the Easter market, some secrecy is involved here so we will are just posting some random items until nearer the date.  Here is a wee look at last nights crafting.

gift box and card

Naturally we have to meet over coffee and lunches to talk about all of this. But today we are also meeting a friend to discuss “Green issues” on Arran.

Watch this space for more news…………



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