Lynne’s sewing lessons

When I first signed up for my sewing course with Fiona Doubleday, of Earth threads I had no idea that I would be creating small finished items right from lesson one. I certainly didn’t expect to get hooked so quickly. I’ve since committed to taking a half dozen or so more short courses, in addition to my weekly sewing class, but more about those later. In the meantime a short summery of progress so far.

Lesson two. costers

Appliqued coasters. I couldn’t quite get the hang of this at first, then I worked out that my zig zag stitch needed to stay on the applique and not come over the edge. Duh!
Lesson Three.appliquet

Applique cushion. This was fun to do, especially with a bit of hand embroidery to add to the texture.

Lesson Four.Lav heart

We got a bit side tracked on lesson four and I ended up making a lavender heart with some lovely Liberty fabric. Then I went home and made a dozen more!

Lesson Five.stsiching

By far my favourite lesson so far, the journal cover. All fabric pieces machine embroidered. I’m starting to feel where I want to go with all this now!


A practice piece with a “scribbling” effect, not sure what I want to do with this. A wall hanging maybe?Leaves

Still to come, tea cosy, bags and Kantha stitching! 


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