Magical May & Midges


Day after day we have enjoyed perfect May weather here on Arran, this morning we have some very light rain but we are not complaining. My visiting family are delighted.summer beach

We all enjoyed a lovely sunny BBQ yesterday evening, but as the sun went down, along came the unwanted guests! The midges have emerged, nothing gets everyone scuttling indoors and closing windows and doors faster than a cloud of midges. Actually there were lots but not quite clouds yet. But they will come, I am quite sure millions of these pests live in my garden among the ferns, beside the burn.


“Midges are tiny swarming insects that occur across large portions of the earth. But, the particular sub-species of the midge that is found in Scotland is known as the Highland Midge or ‘Culicoides Impunctatus’ as it has a reputation for being more ferocious than many others. The female midge is the one that bites while seeking blood in order to enable it to lay its eggs.”

They can be rampant from June to August! 

I am quite sure their purpose in life must be to protect the beautiful West Coast of Scotland & the Highlands from overcrowding.

So what Antics have Lynne and I been up to recently? Well we had our May Craft Fare,  this one was called “Tea Party” Tea Party market

Naturally it would not be possible to have a Tea Party without cake.                                                       DSCF3182

Chocolate cake for our visitors, and for those on a diet, Chocolate scented candles, a truly yummy fragrance.  Here are our Tea Party hand crafted contributions.

Lynne's tea party craftsBarbaras Tea Party stall

We have an exciting antic coming soon, but meanwhile here is a timely taster of something very useful for sale at the next craft fayre. We have Arran Reflections Citronella Candles, just what you need to repel those midges. Fully tried and tested but you need to be quick because these are the last of the stock. I am a retired candle maker now.

Crafts and Company Craft Fayre on 17th June. 


Last but by no means least, we have a sample of Lynne’s “Kantha” work. Lynne has had lessons from Fiona of Earth Threads in no time at all Lynne was hooked and doing amazing work, everyone was admiring it as she stitched during the last craft fayre.

Kantha work



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