Whiting Bay Shelters

This is a “Love Lock”    DSCF3493

“Love Locks” are usually seen on bridges. Based on an ancient custom, which is believed to have originated in China, lovers lock a padlock on a chain or gate and then throw away the key, symbolically locking their love forever.

But this love lock is one of a pair on a bus shelter at Auchencairn in Whiting Bay. Arran. Local Artist David Aitchison has designed the shelter so that couples could add their own padlocks and initials.

We have previously visited and blogged about two other beautiful shelters David designed and painted in the village ( as a gift to the village). So earlier this month, one sunny day, it seemed a good time to explore the other two.

We hopped on a bus and began with a delicious coffee at The Bay Kitchen and Store

Me enjoying coffee at the bayThe Bay

We took a short walk past Sandbraes playing field and up the hill towards Lamlash to arrive at the shelter. It looked wonderful, volunteers have also planted out flower tubs and they are doing a great job.

Auchencairn Shelter

There's a place for us
There’s a place for us

What a great name for this shelter. The painting features the cottages and Sandbraes’ Church where many weddings have taken place. It is full of hearts, flowers and birds, with a striking rainbow. This is a very romantic bus shelter. Such a happy place. Each side contains a ring for people to add to the story.

Moving on now towards King’s Cross, we continued our walk up the hill to the last shelter. It was very hot! perhaps we should have bought an Arran Dairies ice cream to keep us cool.  We walked around the bend and there it was. Bruce in the sunshine, it is quite stunning.

DSCF3504At this time of the year our roads can get quite busy, especially at ferry time, so taking pictures of the shelter definitely required Lynne to shout each time a car approached.

Our destination was Lamlash, we had five minutes to spare before the bus was due, so as the shelter intended, we enjoyed a well earned seat as we waited for the bus between “Dawn and Dusk”




Kings Cross

Whiting Bay really is “The Jewel o’ the Clyde.



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