“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”

To Autumn

“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”  John Keats poem


Autumn has arrived. Time seems to have flown by this year. Suddenly we are walking through carpets of rustling leaves. Mother Nature is busy with her yellow palette and preparing for some delightful bold red splashes!

Two Red squirrels dash through my garden burying hazelnuts in the lawn, the flower beds and every available plant pot and tub!  When they are not leaping through the trees or scampering about the garden they are chasing each other. They are great fun to watch, but impossible to catch them on camera in the act.

My friend Heather took this fabulous picture of her not so wee red squirrel, he enjoys the bird nuts at The Arran Studio Shop 


Here are more picures from outside Heather’s Studio, a very talanted lady, Harpist, Artist, Picture framing, Steam punk, Candles and a great photographer! pop over and take a look in her Studio.

squirrel 2

Another month has gone by and what have we done?  Beginning with seasonal bounty, I was out and about bramble picking and collecting windfall apples from my neighbours trees. Lynne gave me two big bags of apples too.



Bramble Jelly is a favourite it is easy to make and a great way to use those small odd shaped windfall apples.  recipe here    We had such an abundance of brambles this year it has been possible to make the jelly,  freeze some and of course make  lots of apple and bramble crumble.  The amazing thing is I managed to collect all my brambles from my garden, and my neighbours which was conveniently located next to the apple trees, and an abundance from the field beside my drive.

Apple and Ginger Jam is a personal favourite, last Christmas we had lots of cheese fests with family and this jam was a great accompaniment. I made extra this year for gifts.

Damson Jam was my granny’s favourite it brings back so many happy childhood memories of Sunday tea with the family.  When I saw they were available from the mobile “Real Food Shop” I dashed along the village to buy some.  Naturally when I saw all that tempting organic fruit and vegetables, I just had to buy lots.


The Real Food Shop is run by woodsidearran.com is a not-for-profit social enterprise, building a local food network on Arran from their farm.

We are fortunate to also have 80 acres of Arran community land in our village. It is still in its early stages of development but has orchards allotments and food crops. Fresh local food supplies are the way forward for sustainable living. Living on an island the cost of transporting food is massive. With ever increasing prices the only way forward is to grow food locally. The food also tastes much better and none of the nutrients are lost through storage, it is a win win situation.

Tomato Chutney  Lynne was visiting her daughter in Edinburgh and has also been busy making some delicious Tomato Chutney from the last of the home grown tomatoes.  Recipe and pictures will soon be on our Food and Health page.

pic 3

Here is the finished chutney. It’s delicious.

Re-use is always better than re-cycle so I was pleased to find I had collected enough jars over the year  to make all this and more.


However all this is very worthwhile but, I was asked the other why there was only one walk on our blog!  Hmmm good question, need to do better.


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