Isle of Arran

This stunning image was taken by the very talented Fraser Aitchison Fraser’s images are available for purchase. Contact him or us for more information.

Hello let me introduce us, we are Lynne and Barbara, we live in the fabulous village of Whiting Bay on the beautiful Isle of Arran on the west coast of Scotland.

If that wasn’t enough to be happy about, we now both have a bus pass!

Bus pass
We have Bus Passes! time to explore Arran

2018 promises to be an exciting year for us, we have so many plans, we decided to share our antics with anyone who is interested.  Between us we have lots of interests and personal aims for the coming year.  Our pages cover some of these interests, as we go through the year we plan to share a variety of things with you, from our favourite walks on Arran to recipies and tutorials.


We have been very busy planning all this, some is a secret for now, all will be revealed soon.



Barbara and I both retired at the end of last year, and the one question that we are asked all the time is, “What do you do on Arran if you’re retired”? It’s a good question and we don’t know the answer….yet! So over the coming year we’ve set ourselves the task of filling the days with lots of the fun things that we haven’t had time to do before……things geared to suit our age, and health limitations, so climbing Goatfell is definitely out for this year…… and we would like to take you on the journey with us.


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