Village Antics

David Aitchison ArtistSchool bus shelter

Our village bus shelters are wonderful, we have four! This image shows our local artist David nearing completion of this shelter in 2014. Each small boat was carefully copied from paintings by the primary school children.

inside the shelter





The shelter has been completed for several years now, but each time I walk past I notice a new detail!

Bus shelter 1But it wasn’t always like this. About 6 yrs ago these signs were spotted by the newly white painted shelters, the improvements association had painted them for years. We discovered the council had arranged with the bus company to demolish them!!  they intended to replace them with plastic ones. A couple of hours of frantic phone calls persuaded the council to arrange legal documents in favour of the improvements. To the council they were aged liabilities, to the improvements they were assets. And just look what wonderful assets they are.

Here is a before and after of the first painted shelter at Sandbraes.



David Sandbraes Bus shelterSea Life Shelter at Sandbraes

Sea Life Shelter

Here is another special feature in our village, we have six fabulous flower boats.



This is just an introduction to some of our village, the sun does not always shine here, but when it rains we craft.

Left, Primary School Flower Boat.           Right, Sandbraes and Holy Isle


  1. Took pictures of the shelters when we were there last year for a week. Also of the flower boats. So nice to see these things so well planted and so glad the shelters are still there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We thought it would be nice to look back, and for everyone to see David finishing them off. See if you can spot the Titanic!


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